Financial Sin Structures (definition)

In A. Cuny de la Verryère’s book (“Finance catholique”, EMS, 2013), the goal of operational princificats is designated to fight against the financial structures of sin at a transaction level. In light of abuse revealed by the subprime financial crisis and denunciations that have been made by the catholic church and laymen, the author set up a  list of actions or financial behaviors considered as harmful and non-virtuous.

Checklist of financial structures of sin:

  1. price volatility due to speculation;
  2. imbalanced compensation;
  3. excessive use of leverage;
  4. commodification of workers;
  5. short-termism;
  6. losing sight of real economic realities, of scarcity, of productivity ;
  7. unfair profit sharing;
  8. anonymity and responsibility freezing of investors;
  9. tax havens and tax exemption mechanisms;
  10. harmful effects on the environment;
  11. lack of transparency.

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