Catholic finance - the “15 diseases of leadership” doctrine

In his speech of 22 December 2021 for the presentation of Christmas greetings to the Roman Curia, Pope François detailed a list of fifteen prohibited behaviors which constitute “a danger to all Christians and for the Curia community, congregations,…”.

This speech - doctrine - can be attached to the Church Social Doctrine (CSD); it establishes principles and provides practical guidance on behaviors that every Christian should adopt during his professional activities.

In terms of Christian finance, many confessional ethics charters  issued by financial actors have been identified in several countries (Germany, USA, …) . These documents have a value, both organizational and advertising, which help shaping the Christian identity of the institution (bank, funds, insurance) and his staff. However, these charters and “certified Christian” documents are prepared according to an interpretation, sometimes uncertain,  of the biblical texts and the CSD.

The Doctrine of the 15 diseases, clarifying the ethical rules applicable in the context of the company, can be formalized ad litteram in social documents of Christians banking and financial institutions. However, it is provided that the law allows it. In France, for example, internal regulations or abor contracts that would refer ostensibly to religious principles might be considered by the judges as discriminatory as the concept of religious for-profit coporations has not been legally consecrated.

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