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Catholics have trusted Catholic Financial Life to safeguard their financial security for nearly 150 years. Established by a group of Catholics searching for a way to help and support one another in times of need, we’ve grown to become the second largest Catholic not-for-profit financial services organization in the United States — with $5.1 billion of insurance in force, and assets of $1.38 billion. In 2015, members volunteered more than 91,000 hours, actively living out mission of serving God through serving others. Financial advisors and home office associates take pride in offering an exceptional member experience by: developing personal, reliable relationships with the member. For the year 2015, Catholic Financial Life capital position including surplus, which acts like a shock absorber during an economic downturn, is at a record $66.3 million. Its continued to put the interests of the members at the forefront of its decision-making process by remaining fiscally conservative and taking a long-term investment approach. In addition to strong financial results, the fraternal outreach continues to make a positive impact in local communities across the country. Last year alone, Catholic Financial Life members raised more than $1.3 million for local charities, demonstrating its members’ passion for our mission.

How Catholic Financial Life fulfill its mission : “Serving God through Serving Others”

Catholic Financial Life has an active volunteer network that reaches out to help their parishes, schools, and individuals in need. In 2014, Catholic Financial Life and its members supported these various causes by providing nearly $1.5 million of funding. The Society and its local chapters and chapters also sponsor a number of social, family-friendly, and faith-related activities. Most are offered free-of-charge or at a nominal fee to members and their guests.

Providing Financial Security through Life Insurance, Annuities, Member-Only Benefits and Other Financial Solutions

Catholic Financial Life helps members take control of their financial futures by providing real solutions to everyday challenges. It offers its members life insurance, annuities, and other special member benefits such as educational scholarships.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Catholic Financial Life is dedicated to improving the lives of its members and their communities. Its member benefits enhance the financial, spiritual, educational and physical-health lives of our members The financial protection provided by Catholic Financial Life strengthens communities one family at a time.

“When faith and finances are brought together, great things happen that benefit the common good”.


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