Federal Ethi-Patrimoine fund

Federal Finance Gestion offers an investment solution through the Federal Ethi-Patrimoine fund, a fund specifically intended for Catholic institutions and investors.

This fund applies a tailor-made approach reconciling wealth management adapted to the new economic and financial environment and the integration of ethical criteria that respect the Social Doctrine of the Church. It combines three complementary areas of expertise, strategic and tactical management of asset allocation, conviction-based equity management and pragmatic bond management.

The Federal Ethi-Patrimoine fund has obtained the SRI label. This labeling is added to the recognition of the fund by the Conference of Bishops of France as an “Ethical Fund complying with the Social Doctrine of Christian Church”

A PRI signatory in 2009, with more than one billion SRI-managed assets under management, this approach has enabled Federal Finance Gestion to mark a new stage in its commitment to responsible investment.

In February 2019, Federal Ethi-Patrimoine posted a performance up 1.27%.

The performance since the beginning of the year is 2.80%.

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