Who we are

The Christian Finance Observatory (OFCCFO) is a non-profit professional association with registered office in Paris - France. Its purpose is to promote Christian financial activities to develop a worldwide fairer financial system compliant with Christian values and precepts. It aims to bring together professionals from financial area, academics and clergy members who have interest for Christian finance. Its purpose concerns any action to promote understanding and implementation of economic and investment activities, including analysis, synthesis and diffusion of all relevant information relating to Christian finance. The Observatory results from a private lay initiative and is independent from any financial institution and any religious organization, and refrains from any conflict of interest.

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Statutes of the Association



IDENTIFICATION AND PRESENTATION : the primary objective of the Observatory is to foster the emergence of a consolidated Christian financial sector by identifying the actors and the market practices worldwide, and through the development of a harmonized regulatory framework and theory. To identify the players of the market and to enhance their visibility, the Observatory proposes to publish on its website, without charge, a presentation of their activities, provided that such activities implement ethical principles, explicitly or implicitly referring to the precepts of the Bible; or the doctrine of an official Christian authority.

Through its LABEL EXCELSIS the Observatory offers to the players of Christianfinance the way to gain public visibility. Through objective, rigorous criteria developed by its expert committee, the ofccfo proposal is to select and note ethicaly the financial activities in Europe and abroad, to give the believers references amongst the diversity of financial products and realize investments consistent with their ethic.

PROMOTION: the Observatory organizes or participates to public meetings(seminars, conferences, presentations) to analyze, explain and promote the funds and the activities of Christian finance whether Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox.

With its global NETWORK, the Observatory is intended to serve as a meeting place between the different actors of the Christian finance worldwide.



- General Secretary: Jack Jia
PhD in Management, Business Management & Accounting.
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- President: Antoine Cuny de la Verryère
PhD in law, lecturer at the Paris University of law, and author of several publications on banking and financial law, in particular the book “Finance catholique”.
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Treasurer: Maël Kerbaul
FRM, Financial Risk Management Consultant.
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- Antoine Cuny de la Verryère
- Maël Kerbaul
- Jack Jia

- Vice President : Luc Heyse

University professor.



For any questions, you can contact the local representatives :

  • Abidjan (UEMOA) : Pascal BOUSSIM, +225 77 65 46 07 / 42 80 11 20 ; Maxime DATE, +225 57 10 63 23, finance.chretienne[@]gmail.com
  • Brussels : Maël KERBAUL, +32.495.16.18.30, [email protected]
  • Luxembourg : Xavier HEUDE, +352.661.100.289, xheude[@]backbone.eu.com
  • Paris : Antoine CUNY DE LA VERRYERE, +, a.cunylaverryere[@]gmail.com
  • Sydney : Zhenguo (Jack) JIA, +61 (0), jiazhenguo1987[@]gmail.com

For any articles, you can contact us at the following address: ChristianFinanceObservatory[@]gmail.com

The legal capacity of the local representatives is described in the statutes of the association (see above).